Botox at 31 😱

Hey!! I’m an open book so I’m gonna put it all out there. Lmao. I got Botox at 31 years old and am mad I didn’t do it sooner. My forehead is so smooth and all the wrinkles literally disappeared within two weeks. I had such horrible “wtf” lines between my eyebrows that my daughter often asked me why I was angry when I *thought* I was calmly sitting there expressionless. Then I noticed it in my videos- I couldn’t believe I had let this go on for so long especially since I work in the beauty industry.

Once I became more aware of this face scrunching/brow furrowing I was doing – I became aware that I was also giving myself headaches by keeping my face in that position CONSTANTLY. I also raise my brows all the time when I talk so I have some pretty deep and prominent forehead wrinkles that caused all sorts of issues in Makeup application. I literally couldn’t find any foundations that didn’t settle in those lines. Urban Decay Naked Skin, Too Faced Born This Way, list goes on. All of them settled badly. The best one that I came across was the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Matte and Poreless (Only when applied w a beauty sponge though).

(My smile lines are a whole other issue but I don’t have that kind of money lmao. I’ve been quoted two syringes of filler at $799 each locally in stafford VA — someone please make me a go fund me account 😭)

Anyway back to the Botox and my experience w the whole process. My only complaint w everything has been that I felt like it made my brows droop. Luckily this shit isn’t permanent, so once this first round wears off my nurse and I will do my next round w more purpose and specifically based on how my muscles reacted rather than a generic application. I may even go to a different person in Washington dc rather than in stafford va because I’m not convinced that the ppl that work at my local med spa are completely up w the times. I saw some ppl coming through the waiting room that looked like statues and it was terrible. Like I said, it isn’t permanent so I’m not gonna lose sleep over my own results as it was my first time and maybe no one knew how my muscles would react.

I was definitely upset w my results the first couple of weeks because the droop happened immediately and I felt like it took forever for the whole brow to relax finally (I was literally rocking squiggly brows for a few days there) but I read that these things are all common w the first time because the toxin has never been introduced to those muscles before. I got a total of 19 units at $12 so it was around $220-230 w taxes and all that Jazz. It was also really weird when my forehead started to lose feeling (at least it felt like it) and my eyes and cheeks were trying to make expressions I normally make while talking and whatnot and my body seemed confused lol. I don’t know how else to describe it. My face took the entire 14 days to take effect.

All of my favorite beauty gurus have Botox done for smoother foundation application – my favorite one is Jamie Genevieve and she is drop dead gorgeous. She’s only 24 but she’s been getting Botox and fillers for a few years now as a preventative measure. She can still move the tails of her brows even though she gets her crows feet areas and forehead done. I watched her YouTube video on this topic and heard her nurse mention that droop happens due to Botox being administered in the wrong areas. I guess I’ll know w round two whether or not it’s my face or it’s operator error.

I’m about a month in and can already move my brows a bit and it’s not feeling heavy and uncomfortable like it did the first two weeks. I can’t furrow my brows at all and I can slightly lift my brows. My foundation doesn’t settle at alllll and even my blemishes and texture look less severe when I’m on the periodical (if you get this joke you’re awesome- google “war of roses periodical” if you have no idea what I’m talking about πŸ˜‚) and breaking out.

In my last blog post, you’ll see how badly my forehead was able to wrinkle just from the snap shot of my Facebook live video. If you actually watch the video you’ll see the full extent lmao. Anywayyyyy if you’re thinking of taking the plunge don’t be scared. I think it’s worth it in the end- just make sure you go to someone who understands what you’re looking for. My nurse told me I got almost nothing even at 19 units and most ppl have to get that much more at their 2 week checkup visit- but perhaps this is why everyone’s walking around w frozen face out of that office. I’ll update you guys once my brows come back to life and I’m able to do a better before and after analysis. I will also be able to tell you how long it lasted for me. I was told athletes metabolize everything much faster than most ppl so they usually need touch ups at 2 or 3 months compared to the rest of us at 4 to 6 months. I think I’ll be waiting 6 months regardless.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Botox story! I would love to know if any of you guys have recommendations or droop horror stories like I do lmao. I think most ppl wouldn’t care but I do makeup for a living so I totally notice that I suddenly have a hooded eye and makeup doesn’t go on the same on my eyelid. I also can’t wear eyeliner without dealing w the wing hiding underneath my hooded eyes so I’ve been skipping it. 😭 can’t wait to hear from you guys. We can all learn together hahahaha

Jeet xx

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