My first Vlog is up!!

I went to Memphis, Tennessee a couple months ago w a photographer that I work w a lot (Karla Mason Boudoir) and did hair and makeup for three lovely ladies that did a shoot w her. We had a lot of fun getting there, hanging w clients and then headed back home to normalcy.

Check the vlog out!! I literally saved up all my freelance money to buy lighting, cameras, an iMac and software to get into doing videos so that I can spend more time at home. I literally am never home on weekends anymore and work quite a bit during weekdays too. I also dipped into another gig that I’ll tell you all about shortly that should yield a little side money (don’t worry, it’s not an MLM) and can’t wait to film about it too!

Anyway, hard work definitely pays off! I hope you guys enjoy a little peek into my life. One of these days I’ll actually do a video w makeup on lol.

Til next time- Jeet xoxo

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